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released May 15, 2015

Shout Outs to No Future,Black Sabbath,Louis D2c & NWHC

Recorded By: Ahren Lanfor



all rights reserved


COLD TRUTH Tacoma, Washington

Dark West Coast Groove

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Track Name: Waste Ft Maya of Lowest Priority
You Try And Blame Me For The Things I've Done
Well I Blame Myself
I've Been Alseep For My Whole Life
When Will I Ever Live
Bound To Belief
Or Bound To Your Sins
You Played A Game You Never Meant To Win
Obstruction Of Justice
Obstructions Of Fear
Your Bigotry Won't Hurt Me
These Lines Are Clear
You Justify Yourself
With Your Self Righteous Fasade
As You Cast Down The Wicked Souls
Look At Me Your Gonna Face The Cold Truth
This Black And White Just Fades To Grey
It Blinds My Sight Can't See Another Way
I Won't Be Swayed
This Prison Of Hope
On My Knees
I Won't Be Swayed
Your Lies Won't Cast Me Down
Won't Live My Life This Way
No Hold On The Chains That Bound Me
Can't Stay Blind For My Whole Lfe
Your Foundations Are Rotting Away
You Have The Choice Its Do Or Die
Track Name: Suffer
Betrayed All Trust
You Rot In Your Skin
You Feed On The Waste You Spit Out
Your Lost Again
Betrayed By Your Act
Won't Let You Get Away
You Force Yourself On Them Now I Force You Out
No Sympathy
Step Back Before Fall To Your End
Don't You Ever Come My Way
Cripple Yourself With Your Death ANd Decay
You Take A Step Towards Me And Then I'll Push You Away
Look Me In The Eyes
Who Do You Think Your Trying To Fool
You've Been Warned And Now Your Time Is Near
You Won't Allow Them To Live
I Won't Allow To Exist
You Will Never Walk This Earth Again
No Salvation For You
Just You And Your Justifications
I Will Make Sure Your The One Who Drowns
And The Next Time I Hear Your Speak
My Hands Will Crush Your Throat
If Its The Last Thing I Ever Do
Your Gonna Feel This
You Will Suffer Your End
Track Name: No Future - Darker Dreams
I'm in too fucking deep
My own mind is gone
Sanity slips through my fingers faster than time

The world falls in my dreams
I can't see it clearly (any more)
Kick down the door, (I won't be here for you anymore)
Someone save me
Set me free
From this world that took the best of me

I'm in too fucking deep
I get headaches from this lack of sleep
Future looking bleak
Dark ages cause this soul to weep

Future looking bleak

The world fell in my dreams
An empty shell, it's too dark to tell.
I don't deserve this hell
Save me from myself

Here lies the things that got the best of me
The world in my dreams is no more than suffering

Save me from myself
Save me from myself
I'm slowly slipping away
Track Name: No Future - Dead Ends
Nothing to hide (with everything that's on my mind)
Swallowed my pride.
Spit on death, I'm shallow inside

Can't be what I need to be when this life is filled with dead ends
Everything I do just breeds another self hate trend
(Sick and tired of being so weighed down by all of this
The way my head makes me feel lower than shit)

Nothing to hide, (with all this shit that's on my mind)
Swallow your pride
(Admit to yourself, it's too late this time)

Can't be what I need to be when this life
Is filled, with nothing but dead ends
Lower than shit, I'm breaking the trends
Of letting myself go to the darkest ends of my mind