Cold Truth


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released July 19, 2016

Recordings By: Ahren Lanfor
Artwork: Nate Walters
Logo By: Kiabad Meza



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COLD TRUTH Tacoma, Washington

Dark West Coast Groove

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Track Name: Intro/Counter
Pay The Price
For The Lives That You Stole
Fleeing From The Ones You Try To Betray
You Speak For Yourself
And Not The Lives You Haven't Lived
Unity For A Chosen Few
Survival Is The Only Way
To Speak The Truth
You Force Your Lie & Try To Contain
A Shattered Youth That's Been Born From Pain
You Won't Force Our Hands
Or Play With The Fear Deep Inside Of Us
Deceit Is Your DIsguise
Time Is Wasted On This Charade
You Won't Accept The Change
You Push Me To The Edge
I Will Push Back
This Fire Of Hatred Will Be Pushed Out
Can't You See Your World Has Come To An End
Manipulation Through All Of The Messages You Send
Freedom Is A Fight To The Death
Your Fate Is Sealed
A Pain You Won't Forget
We Will Unite We Will Fight Back
Destiny Is Our Own
Track Name: Rage Inside
The Rage Inside Us all
Manipulate A System To Serve Our Greed
Cousin Of Death
This Chain Of Deceit
Thoughts Are Caving In
Trying To Find A Voice
Yet Only Wish For Silence
In The Weight Of The Choice
The Path In LIfe
The Choice To Make Things Right
The Constant Wind Of Change
Nothing Compare To This Rage Inside
This Past Won't Be My Future
But can we change ourselves
manipulate a system to serve our greed
but the lives we have created can be set free
Ascend From A World In Constant War
A Flame Of Truth That Wont Be Cast Out
Fragments From A Past We Can't Deny
The Ashes Of Addiction Won't End Us
Track Name: No Spirit
In Your Eyes
You Accept The Sacrifice
Each Page Forgive Or Condemn
As You Forge Your Paradise
Your Eyes To The Altar
As Your Offered Eternity
Seeking The Despair
Of The Lost And Alone
My Mind Was Deluded
But I Broke Free
Walking The Path Of Uncertainty
Your World Is Going Under
From The Poison You've Gave Me
False Hope Is All You Offer
To Those Who Never Had A Choice
I'll Cut Off The Path To Your Paradise
If Innocence is all you offer
I've Have Enough
Taking All The Minds Of The Weak
Track Name: Blight
Neutralize A Threat You Made Yourself
Purifying Your Actions Through Your Hollow Words
Suffering For Your Sanity
Drained Of The Life You've Stole From Us
No Regards For Cost Of Life
Decay Of An Empty Mind
Slave To Your Apathy
Decisions Rip Through Your Soul
Feeding Minds With A False Sense Of Justice
Breeding Death With Hope
Perceptions Of Equality
Based On The Lies Of The Past
Hanging In The Noose You've Made
For The Ones That You Have Enslaved
Your Disregard Will Be Your End
As Deaths Attention Is Drawing Near
And The Past Traditions Will Crumble
The Weight Of Your Power Won't Hold Me Down
Punished For Eternity Your Lies Will Burn
Justice For The Sins You Have Made
In Debt Nows The Time Your Life Will Fade